Modern Entertainment Art in Motion


Discovering a New Art

For those people who sit and sketch idly, the world is a large place where they can explore. They might love to create static scenes of people or places they know, or they could let their imagination wander into far realms where nothing is familiar. For those who find that drawing the same characters and items in slightly different poses and letting sheets of paper run through their fingers, discovering a new art in animation could become the way they tell the stories that crowd their minds.

Each page in an animated series is one where the basis of the movement begins, and it is a process that can be done with just paper. Young artists have often found they are drawing a stick figure and making it move through a series of sheets, but they might eventually become dissatisfied with the simpleness of their work. Learning to use more sophisticated methods might lead them down a creative road they might never have imagined before their discovery.

For those who want a sophisticated look to their motion, using clear sheets for drawing can add depth. They can put the same background on several sheets, and then they can combine them with a series of clear sheets that have their characters in a different position for each one. Combining a static sheet with one where the character changes position will add depth to their animation, and it will keep the action rolling as they thumb the pages.

Color is often an important part of any art medium, and it can be added easily to even a simply cartoon drawn by a youngster. It could take them a while to learn how to shade their colors to create a new type of motion within their animated story, but taking classes or reading about their subject could help them progress further.