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Evolution of Anime Production

The people in anime are characterized by large eyes, and they have colorful hairstyles and clothes. As this art form has grown in popularity, many different artists have been added to the mix. Each one has their own style of drawing. These differences have been added to the style of this art rather than detracting from it. Individual drawing differences have changed the original forms and modified them into what is accepted as normal today. The speed at which anime art evolves is amazing.

Over the past half century, the changes in anime art can be measured in decades. This is not the way most art forms evolve. Many take centuries to accept changes. One change in a century is a huge departure for older disciplines. Because it is a relatively new form of art, anime has the ability to change as each new decade is begun. Line thickness and embellishments have been major changes each decade. The eyes of characters have become more rounded and their look has been softened. The lines used to outline characteristics such as hair and clothes have been narrowed. This gives a more homogeneous look overall. Embellishments such as jewelry have grown smaller to fit the perspective better.

Many people collect anime memorabilia in the form of posters and ceramic mugs. The use of decals for glass for decorating these collectible mugs has enabled movie makers to share favorite characters with their ardent fans. Those who have extensive collections of these items will see the evolution of styles within this art form. The last three decades have provided characters that look more normal and less cartooned than ever before.  It's surprising how much the use of glass transfers has revolutionised the industry.

All forms of art evolve over time. For many, it takes centuries for even small changes to become acceptable. Anime art changes at an accelerated pace due to its widespread popularity as a modern form of art. The world today is changing constantly. Each month brings new inventions and ways to work and live. Communication is evolving constantly with new electronic methods. Art, in the form of anime, is changing with the fast paced modern world.